Foreign Currency Solutions

For hotels, duty-free shops, retailers, and other corporations engaged in inbound business and doing business with travelers visiting Japan. 

Travelex accepts foreign bills and traveler’s checks that you receive for goods you sell to customers or for exchange services you offer to guests in exchange for Japanese yen. We offer a foreign currency purchase system for free which means you avoid risk of fluctuation in the foreign exchange rate. You can use the scheme to mitigate risk you may assume in introducing foreign exchange services.

The service also allows you to fix the value of foreign currencies you received in yen terms. This saves you the risk and trouble you would assume in carrying cash to banks. It relieves you of complicated accounting tasks, assists with efficient business operation and more effective use of staff.


Services for corporations engaged in outbound business (for travelers from Japan)

For travel agencies serving overseas tourists, students traveling abroad to attend foreign schools, and business travelers.
Travel agencies who commission Travelex to serve their group tourists in foreign exchange services in bulk are offered some of the revenue Travelex obtains from the exchange service. This can provide a new source of revenue.

In addition, the service helps you provide another layer of convenience for travelers and manage itineraries in an efficient manner, operating tours more smoothly.
You are also offered a more favorable rate in buying the foreign exchange you need for conductors’ expenses and payments at destinations than you would by exchanging currency numerous times. This can offer further cost savings.

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