Wholesale Banknotes Solutions

For corporations, educational institutions or others planning to send large groups overseas.

People traveling abroad in a large group often feel irritated when forced to wait to exchange money into a foreign currency. However, with Travelex, you can turn a large number of companions into an advantage, benefiting from the favorable exchange rate we offer.

Entering into a corporate contract with Travelex, companies sending a number of people overseas on business can receive privileges from us according to their annual foreign exchange transactions, improving business efficiency and saving cost.

For corporations and financial institutions engaged in foreign exchange transactions in the course of trade.

Travelex serves as a wholesaler of foreign currency bills for corporations and financial institutions that need a sizable amount of foreign money, offering them competitive exchange rates.

You can outsource parts of the transaction of your foreign exchange center business, such as purchase, management, and delivery, to Travelex, saving costs and improving business efficiency.

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