Travelex Japan Products and Services

Travelex Products & Services

Travel Money Online

You can make an order anytime in Online. You can receive your order at either or you home, workplace or simply pick it up at Travelex Store.

Foreign Currency Exchange

We provide a wide variety of 33 different bank notes from around the world for you to select.


Prepaid type money cards in multiple currencies of your choice. You will not be affected by exchange rate fluctuations once you had deposited money into any one of the foreign currency based cards.

Foreign Currency ATMs

Foreign Currency ATMs have both Japanese and English as language options; current foreign currency withdrawal options are: US Dollar, Euro and Chinese Yuan (the addition of Korean Won is scheduled for Autumn 2013).

Travelex Rewards Loyalty Program

Loyalty reward program offered in 6 nations including Japan. By registering you will receive preferential rates at our stores.
Earn Frequent Flyer Air Miles

You can earn miles form our airline frequent flyers program partners simply by exchanging at our stores in cash.

Travelex Rate Advantage

Travelex Rate Advantage is a tolled service providing special rate to change back leftover amount of currency back to original currency.

Western Union  Money Transfer

Western Union will transfer money safely and speedily around the globe with more than 135 years of experience in money transfer service. You can access this service at our stores.

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