Policy for Prevention of Relationships with Anti-Social Forces

Our company has the following policy for the purpose of preventing damage caused by groups or individuals who use violence, force, threats and fraudulent methods (anti-social forces) to pursue economic benefits:

  1. We have processes in place to deal with anti-social forces as an organisation and we will ensure the security of our staff who deals with improper requests made by anti-social forces.
  2. We will terminate all relationships with anti-social forces, including any business relationships.
  3. In the event that we have unknowingly dealt with anti-social forces, we undertake measures to promptly terminate any such relationship.
  4. We will never respond to requests by anti-social forces to conduct illegal transactions
  5. We will not respond to any improper requests made by anti-social forces. When we recognise such improper requests, we will deal with such requests by taking civil and criminal legal action against them.
  6. With regard to the elimination of anti-social forces, we will cooperate closely with external organisations including the police force, the National Center for Elimination of Boryokudan, external agencies and lawyers.

Travelex Japan KK
May 2012
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